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tiny_mce 3series

Modul tiny mce 3series
Author erpe, Aldus
Type wysiwyg
State Stable
License GPL
GUID 16643d7b-b7e4-4dc4-9ff5-10b9c26114cd
Platform LEPTON 1.x
Last info 2017-08-04
Forum http://forum.lepton-cms.org
Web Link http://www.tinymce.com/
See also tiny_mce 4series
Requires LEPTON 1-series
Download tiny_mce_jq.zip
Description TinyMCE jQuery
with Ajax Image File Manager and image editor
allows you to edit the content of a page and see media image folder.
To link your template css file to the styles in tinymce you need to edit the include.php file inside this module.
Info Please note: TINYMCE is distibuted under the (LGPL) License
Ajax Filemanager is distributed under the GPL and MPL open source licenses