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Modul TinymceCloud
Author erpe, Aldus
Type wysiwyg
Version 1.1.0
State Stable
License GPL/LGPL
GUID 0ad7e8dd-2f6b-4525-b4bf-db326b0f5ae8
Platform LEPTON IV
Last info 2018-09-03
Forum http://forum.lepton-cms.org
Web Link http://www.tinymce.com/
See also tiny_mce 4series
Requires LEPTON 4.x
Download tinymce_cloud-1.1.0.zip
Description Tinymce editor from the cloud as addon for LEPTON CMS.

Please keep in mind, that you need a key to run this addon properly.

Please get notice of the readme file inside the addon before installing.
Further informations on the forum may also help!

Info Get more information about tinymce cloud:
Tinymce Cloud

Image tinymce_cloud.jpg