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Modul Bakery
Author Christoph Marti
Type page
Version 1.7.7
State Stable
License GPL
Platform LEPTON 2.x
Last info 2016-05-05
Web Link http://www.bakery-shop.ch/
Requires PHP 5.6
Download bakery_1.7.7.2.zip
Description Bakery is a WebsiteBaker/LEPTON shop module with catalog, cart, stock administration, order administration and invoice/delivery note/reminder printing feature. Payment in advance, invoice, cash on delivery and/or different payment gateways. Further information can be found on the Bakery Website.
Info - 05.2016 - Ported to L* 2.1 by Aldus
For details please visit the official website of the Bakery-Shop.

Image Bakery_1.7.7_backend_01.jpgBakery_1.7.7_backend_02.jpgBakery_1.7.7_backend_03.jpg