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Modul foldergallery 2series
Author Jürg Rast and others
Type page
Version 2.5.1
State Stable
License GPL
GUID c3621f10-9e20-49c3-a9b4-2e27b352386d
Platform LEPTON IV
Last info 2021-02-22
Forum http://forum.lepton-cms.org
See also foldergallery 1
Requires LEPTON 4.x
Download foldergallery-jquery.php
Description This module allows you to create a image gallery, based on a folder structure on your server. So, it's easy to build new categories and files, just uploading them (FTP or backend) and refresh the database of the foldergallery (with one click in the backend). the database stores options and descriptions for your images and categories. So, with this gallery you have both: the easy managing of galeries and the possibility of adding more information to your files. The Module contains about 10 different lighbox-Scripts, which are ready to use, just select the one you like in the backend!

Notice: Releases >= 2.0.1 include now a responsive lightbox

Notice: Releases >= 2.1.0 meet php7 requirements
Info Note Highslide JS is removed!