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Modul Teasers
Author Karl Pierce
Type page
Version 0.3.0
State Stable
License Creative Commons - attribution must be kept in place
GUID 0f9eae0b-da75-46c1-86fa-d56470cc9451
Platform LEPTON 3.x
Last info 2018-03-20
Web Link https://www.diamond-visions-sarl.com/page/services/lepton-cms-add-ons/teasers.php?utm_source=Lepton&utm_medium=addon-repository&utm_campaign=teasers
Download teasers_0.3.zip
Description Teasers Module

Adds three blocks that have an image, a link, and a description. Great for driving traffic to specific pages. They are responsive in design.

Inspired by part of the sypiags theme design by Chio Maisriml, www.beesign.com

version 0.3
Added WOW animation
Image Teasers